Your Participation is Working!

Your participation is working – political parties begin to engage on the Global Compact on Migration!

Note: Writing Challenge and Sample Letter !

From a recent post on the C3RF website:

The bigger news, however, comes from the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). Under the sponsorship of its leader, Maxime Bernier, it not only calls for a pause to debate the subject it calls for an outright withdrawal from the agreement. No Canadian signature on the Compact this December in Morocco! The PPC does this through a Government of Canada petition that can be signed here. Please consider signing and distributing as far and wide as you can. It needs 500 signatures to be posted and presented to the House of Commons and finally bring the Compact into the foreground.

One thought on “Your Participation is Working!

  1. Good to know there is action on both the Provincial and Federal level to combat this further erosion of our Rights and Freedoms; hopefully Canadian patriots will get behind both initiatives and perhaps one of their own.


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