We Will Never Forget


We will never forget

On the eve of Remembrance Day constituents of the Federal riding of Sault Ste Marie got one step closer to a clear new voting option in the 2019 election, which most polling now indicates will be a rout of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party, unless he imports millions of foreign voters…
The Peoples Party of Canada (PPC), upholding principles of FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS AND RESPECT stands alone defending our Sovereign Nation against globalist oppression.
The Sault Ste Marie PPC Electoral District Association Interim Board of Directors, which has already mobilized volunteers equipped with an “activist kit” of educational material and flyers as well as a paper version of petition e-1906 to the Government of Canada for withdrawal from the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), was easily acclaimed.
C.Bayne P., A.Zuccato VP., L.Baumhauer Sec., G.Browne Tres.
Despite much historic revisionism we do remember that our nation went to war to defeat the Axis powers and incipient global totalitarianism. We do remember that many of our families grieved the loss of courageous young lives; a sacrifice for freedom and democracy we honour to this day.
We have come again to a point when we must fight for our rights and freedom.  The very agency which was devised to ensure World Peace has been, not just incapable of putting an end to war but instrumental in rehabilitating the evil of totalitarian rule. Outright dictatorships align to criticize democracies and impose regulatory strictures on sovereign nations.   They do this under guise of humanitarian intervention and respect of national interests.
The United Nations has advanced its collectivist agenda using “Sustainable Development” as a suffocating blanket, chocking off dissent;  it hampers Capitalism which has been responsible for lifting millions out of poverty and sickness. The GCM is the UN’s latest assault on the prosperity of Western democracies mounted on sundry  “sustainability” agendas which must be subsidized by government and administered by a massive technocracy.
We will never forget that the people, not the elites, rule in a democracy and we stand gladly to defend our nation and honour our heritage.
We invite other patriots to join us and The Peoples Party of Canada.

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