The GCM is Seriously Evil

The UN is not just a bad joke: the GCM is seriously evil

Open borders and the welfare system are not compatible – Milton Friedman

The UN Global Compact for Safe Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) preamble lists over two dozen agreements, conventions, protocols, agendas, declarations and platforms upon which it has been founded… most of them are, like the GCM itself, the wasteful thinking of contradictory and counter-productive mission-creep. Just how far the UN has wandered from its prime mandate becomes apparent when you consider it has representatives on the Human Rights Council from nations with theocratic dictatorships, in which there are open slave markets.

Aspirational goals, perhaps laudable at the outset, become laughable when failure and corruption is so blatant and ubiquitous:

“Andrew MacLeod, who was chief of operations at the UN’s Emergency Co-ordination Centre, said that “predatory” abusers used development jobs to get to vulnerable women and children.

He estimated that 60,000 rapes had been carried out by UN staff in the past decade, with 3,300 pedophiles working in the organization and its agencies.”

The UN has failed to eradicate slavery, failed to arrest drug smuggling, failed to halt weapons trade and failed to stop genocides.  It is now celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with aggressive repression of human rights in order to normalize migration at untold cost, which is already making it easier for traffickers of all sorts:

According to an April 24, 2018 report in the newspaper Kathimerini, there are thousands of unaccompanied children in Greece who have illegally entered the country, and government authorities have not turned their attention to them. Kathimerini reports that there are 3,050 unaccompanied child migrants in Greece, of whom 1,272 (42%) are either homeless, or live in a non-permanent residence or in an unknown location. They all face the risks of sexual exploitation and illicit organ removal.

Gallows humour this must be:

“The majority of migrants around the world today travel, live and work in a safe, orderly and regular manner. Nonetheless, migration undeniably affects our countries, communities, migrants and their families in very different and sometimes unpredictable ways.”

Statements such as this illustrate the willingness of the UN to impose a negative result which is eminently predictable not only on nations but also on real refugees who may have fled said “migrants”.

“Full inclusion and social cohesion” evidently include mutual respect of all migrant cultures, without mentioning that some of these cultures include child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM), or the fact that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) officially endorses Sharia Law and discrimination against women and non-Muslims. This essentially invalidates the noble Western principle of providing protection to those persecuted for their political or religious beliefs, a principle which under girds the Geneva Convention on Refugees.

What the reader is also never told is that all migration to date is from poor third-world places to the well-off Western countries with established welfare systems and that, with very few exceptions, the migrants are, at best, economic refugees who haven’t been persecuted either politically or religiously. Moreover, the absorption capacity of these countries is finite before their welfare systems break down under the onslaught of the vast numbers of migrants this pact seemingly wants to encourage.

Equally foreseeable were the still-mounting social, economic and environmental costs of “green energy” another pillar of UN “sustainable development” which should be a warning that GCM talk of data-gathering and evidence-based decision-making is simply a ruse for further invasion of privacy such as the Stats Can banking info snatch

The disastrous transition from fossil fuels to subsidized unreliable and intermittent energy sources would have been averted had factual evidence indeed been properly accessed, but there was no cost/benefit analysis as Peter Foster points out with heavy sarcasm in green-energy-is-a-disastrous-flop:

“The Sustainable Development Scenario not only solves the climate issue, but also takes care of universal access to modern energy and air pollution, too. Even more amazing, it achieves all this via imposing swathes of expensive and unreliable energy, but without the slightest impact on economic growth. How? By simply assuming so.”

The great catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming farce persists in the face of facts:

“There’s a lot of evidence mounting that solar cycle 25 will usher in a new Grand Solar Minimum.”

and that is no laughing matter!

“This Global Compact recognizes that safe, orderly and regular migration works for all when it takes place in a well-informed, planned and consensual manner.”

Apparently “No means No” does not apply for the people of Tiajuana who gave no consent and agreed with Trump’s assessment that the “caravan” is an invasion.

Mayor Gastélum blames the organizers, whom he cannot identify. He said they should be held accountable. He said the leaders of the caravan should face criminal charges.

“Those are the real criminals because they’re dealing with the lives of people,” he says.

Italy’s Salvini seeks input from elected representatives of citizens… 

He told Italy’s Parliament …the Italian government will not sign anything and will not go to Marrakech.”

Instead he declared that “the floor of Parliament must debate it with government allowing national politicians to decide.”

EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos thinks “those who reject the migration pact have not studied it enough”, however we disagree! The growing list of nations, now over 18, withdrawing from the odious compact illustrates what happens when democratic nations do read the long-winded un-elected technocrats’ pronouncements carefully and …WE DO NOT GIVE CONSENT!

“The Global Compact recognizes that respect for the rule of law, due process and access to justice are fundamental to all aspects of migration governance. This means that the State, public and private institutions and entities, as well as persons themselves are accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated, and which are consistent with international law. “

Ergo the irrational and perverse UN gives itself agency to decide if our laws are consistent with their international law which supersedes that of the state,

“…a whole-of-government approach is needed to ensure horizontal and vertical policy coherence across all sectors and levels of government.”

OBJECTIVE17: Eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote evidence-based public discourse to shape perceptions of migration.

To realize this commitment, we will draw from the following actions:

a) Enact, implement or maintain legislation that penalizes hate crimes and aggravated hate crimes targeting migrants, and train law enforcement and other public officials to identify, prevent and respond to such crimes and other acts of violence that target migrants, as well as to provide medical, legal and psycho-social assistance for victims

b) Empower migrants and communities to denounce any acts of incitement to violence directed towards migrants by informing them of available mechanisms for redress, and ensure that those who actively participate in the commission of a hate crime targeting migrants are held accountable, in accordance with national legislation, while upholding international human rights law, in particular the right to freedom of expression

Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet- based information, including by sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration-related issues and terminology, investing in ethical reporting standards and advertising, and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants, in full respect for the freedom of the media

24d) Establish mechanisms to prevent, detect and respond to racial, ethnic and religious profiling of migrants by public authorities, as well as systematic instances of intolerance, xenophobia, racism and all other multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination in partnership with National Human Rights Institutions, including by tracking and publishing trends analyses, and ensuring access to effective complaint and redress mechanisms

e) Provide migrants,especially migrant women, with access to national and regional complaint and redress mechanisms with a view to promoting accountability and addressing governmental actions related to discriminatory acts and manifestations carried out against migrants and their families

f) Promote awareness-raising campaigns targeted at communities of origin, transit and destination in order to inform public perceptions regarding the positive contributions of safe, orderly and regular migration, based on evidence and facts, and to end racism, xenophobia and stigmatization against all migrants

g) Engage migrants, political, religious and community leaders, as well as educators and service providers to detect and prevent incidences of intolerance, racism, xenophobia, and other forms of discrimination against migrants and diasporas and support activities in local communities to promote mutual respect, including in the context of electoral campaigns

That explains why media in Europe downplay and obscure the news rather than giving the public factual reporting:

Mainstream media outlets have been blasted for peddling “total nonsense” today as left-wing newspapers coalesced to claim with one voice that “only three” of the suspects involved in Cologne’s mass migrant rape on New Year’s Eve were recent migrants or refugees.

But Cologne’s prosecutor, Ulrich Bremer, has said that the claim is “total nonsense” after an interview with German paper Die Welt this weekend was misinterpreted and reported in a way that the left-wing outlets wanted, rather than what the truth was.

Is it intolerance, racism, xenophobia, or another form of discrimination against migrants to ask how this Global Compact for regular migration works for all when the data which has been collected in Europe & North America indicates that 75% of migrants remain unemployed for 5 years or more. How does this benefit the citizens of the countries that are obliged to foot the bill? While the UN mandates these costs it provides no guidance on how they are to be met. Does questioning whether this has been planned in a well-informed and consensual manner constitute an intersecting form of discrimination?

What all this lacks is coherence with the UN’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights Article 19:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

This is also in direct conflict with section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which states that everyone has “the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.”


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