Maxime Bernier invited to Leaders Debates!

The news that our leader Maxime Bernier has finally been invited to the National Debates is great news for Democracy…. We appreciate the support of all Canadians and particularly those journalists who spoke up for freedom of speech and the Democratic process.

Now all Canadians will enjoy the benefits of hearing the PPC platform directly from our leader, a benefit the Leaders Debates Commission  extols.  The public will see what coherent policy-making should look like and give it their full support, as we do.

The Sault Ste. Marie – PPC Association would like to thank all Canadians who joined PPC members in demanding that our Leader Maxime Bernier be extended an invitation to the National Debates (English debate October 7, French debate October 10)  

Polling showing that half of Canadians wanted the Leaders Debates Commissioner, David Johnston, to #LetMaxSpeak was enough for Democracy to win and affirm the right to cast an informed Vote.

PPC Members just celebrated the first anniversary of the People’s Party of Canada, we have already accomplished many things, some we were told were impossible. We look forward to the further challenges we face as the only “principled alternative” to the status quo.  With the support of Canadians we will defy the establishment and fulfill the promise of our great country.

Please join us in making Canada strong and free.

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