The People’s Party of Canada was the only Federal Party represented by a speaker at the Western Freedom Conference in Red Deer Alberta, Maxime Bernier gave a keynote address.

“Faced with a large number of his party’s Western supporters shifting their support towards the independence movement, Bernier said that he was there to emphasize his plan to decentralize the Federation and win them back to Canada. Pressed on how he plans to appeal to sovereigntists who cannot be won back to Federalism, Bernier said that they should still back his party as their best option in the meantime.

Bernier also told the Western Standard that he is eager to try and re-enter the House of Commons in a by-election, quite possibly in Alberta”

Conservatives have ultimately failed Alberta both under Harper and with Scheer so the Western alienation which took root under Pierre Trudeau is now blooming under son Justin…

While Wexit supporters are ready for a fight with Ottawa, many are cautiously optimistic that newly-elected Premier Kenney will keep his promise to implement the Alberta Agenda and fight for a better deal for Alberta within Confederation, making independence unnecessary. The Alberta Agenda – also known as the Firewall Letter – was co-authored in 2001 by future Prime Minister Stephen Harper and outlined a strategy for Alberta to protect itself against interference from Ottawa by asserting its Constitutional authority over areas like policing, pensions, and tax collection.

Carmen Lasante, the volunteer organizer for the event, said the threat of separatism is “going to be used as leverage, but, if that leverage doesn’t work, we’re gone. Separation if necessary, but not necessarily separation.

We are living in interesting times for sure since there even seems to be a independence movement growing in the Canadian Senate!

Quebec Conservative Senator, “Dagenais, who is keeping his Tory membership, will now sit as an independent with the newly-formed Canadian Senators Group.

Last month, 11 senators representing regions across the country and differing political views formed a new group called the CSG.”

“I am particularly excited about working with this group, and especially with Senator Scott Tannas, whose leadership and convening skills will enable us to be critical and productive in reviewing government legislation and in committees of the Senate,” said Dagenais.

Former Tory senator Tannas, of Alberta, is the interim leader of the group.

Maxime Bernier is the only National leader with the experience and will to fight for all Canadians.

We stand with Max for Freedom Responsibly Fairness Respect